[Heads Up] Fiscal Year will be removed from Transactions

Hi everyone,

The Fiscal Year field is redundant and has been a frequent cause of bugs. So in the next release, Fiscal Year field will be removed from transactions.

The Fiscal Year record will still exists and each GL Entry and Stock Ledger Entry will still have these fields for reports. However, transactions like Sales Invoice, Journal Entry, Purchase Invoice, etc. won’t have this field, since the Posting Date is sufficient to track them.

Also, the Holiday List will now be based on a From and To date just like Leave Allocation.

I think some of you might have use cases which we might have missed out and this change might cause problems. So let us discuss any such scenario and let’s be prepared with a workaround.

Anand Doshi.


It has not been removed from everywhere. Wherever Fiscal Year was necessary, it’s still there:

Monthly Distribution
Salary Slip
Period Closing Voucher
Budget Detail
Sales Target

It is also still available as a filter in several reports.

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Will this field be retained in reports? many reports are fiscal year based, and is convenient to have this filter,

Agreed. Fiscal year filter for reports is a must.

@kirthi @wdg Yes, Fiscal Year will still be retained in reports.

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There is an error with the Expense Claim Report after removing the fiscal year.


Hmm can you click on pick columns and remove the fiscal year column?

Thanks, this is the same answer I got from Support.