Health care module not visible

I have installed the latest erpnext module and the health care and school modules are not visible,
i have allowed for the user on role and show modules,but i couldnt see the modules what shall i do?thanks

When installing ERPNext for the first time you will be prompted for a “domain”. Select Healthcare from the dropdown menu. This will create a healthcare specific desktop. I haven’t tried accessing the Healthcare features if another domain is selected during installation. They should be available via settings menu though?

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If while installing ERPNext you’ve selected some other domain then am afraid you’ll have to enable the school and healthcare domain by yourself. Go to the Domain Settings and enable the required domain and save it. Next, by default the Roles for that domain would have been disable, so you’ll have to go the Role list and enable the relevant disabled roles for the domain you just activated. Lastly, you’ll have to go to your user settings and tick the newly activated roles for you and save it up. Just reload then and now all the module will show up. A fix for all this hassle is already on its way…


Is this supposed to work in production mode or just in develop? I can see the Heathcare domain roles, I enabled these roles for my user but I can’t add any Healthcare domain related icons to the desktop and can’t access any Healthcare feature…


It works both in production and develop.
As @Zlash65 says, you must go to Domain Settings and enable the Healthcare Domain.


Awesome! It works now!