Healthcare - boarding/hospitalisation funcionality

I have a usecase where healthcare seems to be the closest match Domainwise.

I have played with it a little and at first it seems there was no functionality for planning rooms for patients being hospitalized. Is anybody using the healthcare module for a hospital like environment and can shed some light on this matter?

actually it’s almost a hotel-like type of planning. Rooms availability and booking patients into free rooms/beds for x amount of days.

Healthcare bed allocation is still in development… Would the education module provide room allocation functionalty? Just a thought as haven’t checked recently

thanks, I’ll look into that.

What I really require though is that customer/patient relationship the healthcare module provides. Someone (patient) receiving some sort of service while someone else (customer) is paying for it. Maybe there is a Student/Parent like logic in the education module which would work alike.

My current “case” is a Pet Hotel Sort of business. Pets are checking in for a certain amount of days into a room (single/double) and may even receive treatment or class like services during their stay.

Healthcare would fit that business really well. There are a few healthcare PR’s waiting to get merged after the Conference I guess. Bed allocation has been requested by a few people. A few minor but show stopping healthcare bugs need to be solved. Would be good to ask the foundation to direct some money/resources into @jamsheer and @Ranjith as all the healthcare module coding has fallen entirely onto them… The latest version of the healthcare moudule is looking pretty sharp.

I can find 0 open PR’s with ĥealthcare label though, so I would be wondering what you are referring to here? And which conference? The ‘official’ ERPNext Conference regularly is in October, so the next one is quite far away.

“latest version” as in v11 (staging) ?

Opps, Classic. Just stumbled on to the youtube conference videos today. Just uploaded the other day so thought conference was on… Plenty of time it would appear :slight_smile:


“latest version” as in v11 (staging) ?

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[Fix][Enhance] Healthcare by pjamsheer · Pull Request #16066 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub true, sorry, my mistake that I didn’t find that

label: healthcare vs label:healthcare when filtering the PR’s was my problem

Do you know how this roadblock

can be put out of the way? Would it require to install ERPNext from the branch with those fixes an approve it runs?

I don’t know what is delaying the approval.
To see these healthcare changes you will need to:
bench switch-to-branch staging
Which will sooner or later will get merged into the master branch.

yes, I’m aware of that and actually have a v11 instance up. Nothing much of the healthcare works there though (probably those fixes may be needed to making it work)

Sorry, we missed this topic.

Most of the inpatient stuff are already merged and is available on staging. The pending PRs are mostly into appointments, IP workflows etc. You can refer to the documentation (PR) on how to setup Healthcare Service Unit / Type documents to map IP rooms.

Please post in case you need any assistance setting this up, thanks.