Healthcare Clinic or Office essentials

Hi All,

I work and manage couple of medical office and clinics(small to mid practice). And i have been looking around for Clinic/Healthcare Office management system to automate(some process), stream line activities and improve efficiency. 2 candidates stand out Odoo and ERNext. What struck me both of the software are pretty similar. What i want to know on ERNext Healthcare what is you goal? Does ERPNext want to be like an EMR/EHR? base on the road map for the ERPNext i believe thats where your heading. As an office/clinic manager below are the essential modules/software’s/applications necessary to run a small to mid size medical offices;

  1. Website management ->Easy to update and customize with low learning curve this will make offices independent to outside cost. This will also include eCommerce and analytics
  2. Telephony → with fax integration, SMS and Telemed options either video or audio
  3. Document management system with esignature → printer and scanner integration. Web Form Builder to help paperless environment
  4. File manager
  5. Inventory System with barcode integration → This included consumables and fixed assets(hardware, printers, tables, medical equipment’s, etc…)
  6. Purchasing → able to integrate invoicing or order to third party vendors
  7. HR → attendance, leave request, and others…
  8. CRM

Other optional depending on the office;

  1. Laboratory → with LIMS integration
  2. Pharmacy → dispensing, order and inventory
  3. Payment system → Credit cards or cash
  4. Check in Kiosk → with esignature integration(for consent docs, etc…)
  5. EMR/EHR integration → especially on scheduling aspect. Most EMR/EHR scheduling module is clunky not so efficient.
  6. Payroll
  7. Accounting
  8. Scheduling appointment

Most practice small to mid size use EMR/EHR to some extent if ERPNext wants to stand out from the other it needs to do the management aspect of the clinic/office and not take over the role of the EMR/EHR. Also most of this practice are owned by the doctors and most of the time they handle accounting themselves that’s why i put Accounting as an option. ERPNext should let the user pick the modules/software they want to use, this way it will become more modular and less confusing.
I hope this will help…