HealthCare DICOM protocol support

I’m so pleased to see ERPNEXT taking leaps into new business sectors.

We have a project for a hospital that as most hospitals will require ERP solution to communicate with various imaging and scanning devices to retrieve patient data. The stranded protocol and image format being DICOM.

Unfortunately ERPNEXT healthcare application does not have support for this key feature.

I did some search and found this project that revives DICOM old python legacy library with complete new python 3.X and 2.7 libraries, see:

My question:
Can this be used in future ERPNEXT healthcare app to support the DICOM standard protocol?

Can anyone recommend a path for me to work on integrating this library with the current health care app??

Thanks for your support

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Greetings. Did you go ahead with this? We intend to contribut if you have something ready and build on top of it.

I think that’ll benefit you.