Healthcare Domain Feature Requests / Ideas

Appointment Type could become an Item instead an Appointment Type. This would allow patient billing to handled by ERPNext’s built in stock/selling/manufacturing features.
You could also create a Group Item that has 1 x Physician Labour, 1 x Anaesthetic, 2 x Bandages etc.

When creating a New Patient do we need to make them a new “System User”?
I understand some organisations might want to give the patient access to their own data but it really clutters up ERPNext. See the Chat window below.

Maybe a Patient should have its own status much like a Customer does. A customer isn’t a system user.
Separating the Patient/Customer is a great feature. When creating a new patient the patient DocType form should contain a few more customer/address/contact fields if no existing customer is selected. When an existing Customer is selected these fields auto populate.

Could a Patient Appointment be able to be canceled or change time slot after it has been created? Make it closer to Event calendar features. Colour could be set by appointment type.

For Patient, I think you can choose as the user type as web user instead of system user.
No role should be check for web user.

Meanings all the patient information, records etc… can be render and display from web page view.


ideally, no - by default role “Patient” is set which doesn’t have access to any documents. Patient will have portal access to Appointments, Lab tests etc.

For now you can cancel and rebook the appointment. Maybe making the Appointment document as submittable will help? Also, switching to the calendar view of Appointments should work.

Hello @akurungadam

i am kicking the tires of the healthcare module and it is looking great.

However I cannot seem to be able to give patients access to the portal. I assume to do this a patient has to be a web user but there is no where on the patient creation page that shows how to do this.

Can you direct me?

Also when I create a webuser and give them patient role, They can see the patient appointment fields but cannot create appointments using the appointment web form.

Kindly guide me

Figured it out thanks

How did you fix it? Would be great if you could post a solution.

It is as simple as keying in the patient’s email in the provided field.

Patient gets an email message with instructions on how to activate.

Make sure the default sending email account is already set.