Healthcare/erpnext offline

I was looking for the possibility of using the system in-offline mode when there is no internet connection and sync whenever the connection is back. Can this be configured in erpnext? as same as POS

I’m thinking of install erpnext in a virtual machine and sync data to a server.

what is the best practice for offline/online syncing?

what do you think?

As you see, I’m afraid ERPNext doesn’t support offline mode apart from POS.

what about installing healthcare on local , and sync data to a server, is that possible technically ?

ERPNext being open source you are free to set it up on a local server (or use a preinstalled VM) and access it over your local network as long as you do not need access elsewhere.

Hi @akurungadam. I think we can look at a way of mariadb replication method. Not sure how it will work but was reading the documentation few days back.

If this can be done then if would solve the offline issue.

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But having a replica doesn’t really help us here as, you know, database replication don’t deal with the numerous synchronization challenges.

Also, this conference talk details about how folks at ElasticRun already contributed decorator enabling frappe to query the replica while generating large reports.

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could you see this , may it will help:

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