Healthcare: invoice for consulting and exams

Can we make few changes or allow the system to:

  1. Print invoice for medical service/consultation prior seeing the doctor (most African countries payment in advance is required)
  2. Print single invoice for all exams instead of multiple
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1- This is available, Healthcare setting and check “Invoice Appointments Automatically”, i know this is not the ideal solution. but this is the available one that you can make workaround for the time being.

The workflow for your scenario should be , Appointment>Check in>Invoice>Billing>Provider Encounter. but unfortunately this is not available

2- you can do this through, Sales Invoice>Get Item From> Healthcare Services and then select them all

Then system will make one invoice to all exams procedures


Hi Thanks for the reply…

For point 1 actually was looking for something more straight forward like register the Patient and Button Create Invoice … as you have patients with no appointment … Also the content for the Invoice should be “Translated” if not creating a specific item… or giving the option to select the ITEM to be as the default for the Invoice…

For point 2 currently using V10 and don’t see that option… as i go to Sales Invoice and only two options are shown Sales Order, Quotation and Delivery Notes…

You can always raise an invoice for the patient with the service item related to Consultation. However, you may not be able to link the invoice to the Consultation document. Booking appointments and then “Get Items” in Sales Invoice is the standard workflow as per the current implementation.

As a work around, you can hook Sales Invoice submit to create Consultation (Patient Encounter in v11) document marked as “Invoiced” and links set to Referring Physician, Practitioner and other relevant fields. Also note that in the latest version it is the Sales Invoice Item that links to related documents in Healthcare module.

It was an escape i guess, v11 already takes care of this.

This is available in the latest version, please try an update.

Hope this helps, thanks.

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Thanks for the points…

But v11 still under development so I cannot have that running on customer yet…

The first invoice is for the consultation while the other services added can be created as a second invoice…
The main issue here is that you don’t give the service without prior payment the same is applied for exams (done after payment).

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In fact, the Healthcare domain allows you to invoice all services - Patient Examination, Lab Test and Procedures - before the services are rendered to a Patient. The only thing is except for Lab Tests, billing of the other services are all based on Appointments. In your case if you do not want to make use of Patient Appointment, you can directly create the documents (encounter, procedure etc.) while submitting the Invoice. Please note that this is how it works for Lab Test.

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hi Anoop,
Your statement of “the only thing is except for Lab Tests, billing of the other services are all based on Appointments” not sure I understand. You mean, that we can say create a appointment schedule for MRI and then book slot just like Healthcare Practitioner schedule?

Hi Krishy, welcome to ERPNext!

You are right, Patient Appointment can be used to schedule Procedures and Therapies too and should be fetched for billing with rates configured for the service.

If you don’t intend to use Patient Appointment to schedule the procedures and therapies, you can directly create the corresponding documents which will be fetched while Invoicing.

To further clarify the case of Lab tests - on submitting an Invoice (with linked lab test items), system will create Lab Test documents for you. Note that this will need the Create Lab Test(s) on Sales Invoice Submission option enabled in Healthcare Settings

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