Healthcare Module bug

Hi Guys,

it seems like the healthcare module needs a lot more work to be done for production use. below are some issues that I have encountered when I tried to do some entries (in screenshots). anybody experienced it? any help regarding the module? please… thank you

these errors are occurring in Version 11, Version 12 in VirtualBox installation as well as the official demo trial version too.

  1. The first image showing an error when I create a medical procedure. eventhough there is no duplicate entry presents it shows there is already such item and template exists.

  2. I cannot save the schedule without the procedure. Unit type is not fetching the form. from ‘Reschedule’ button I cannot select the practitioner name eventhough I have practitioner name added in master entry.

any input will be really appreciable… thank you

the first issue with Clinical Procedure has been fixed. Method below.

  1. Select clinical procedure DocType from DocType list.
  2. Duplicated and saved it as a new DocType with a different name
  3. delete the original DocType
  4. open the new duplicated DocType and renamed it as clinical procedure…

after this I could make new entries on procedures…