Healthcare module for Non-Profit organization


We are a non-profit organization dedicated to diabetic patients. Our goal is to prevent or delay the onset of late disease complications, to lower mortality, and to maintain a high quality of life. We found a healthcare module that meets our requirements, but we need assistance in making the process as simple as possible.


    • Patient comes to the organization.
    • We collect the necessary data (name, age, gender, health history, phone number, ID)
    • We measure the blood glucose levels (HbA1c), weight and height, and calculate the BMI.
    • We will record the data and send an SMS message to the patient with the results and file number.
      HbA1c represents the average blood glucose (sugar) level over the previous two to three months.
    • We will send an SMS reminder to the patient three months after the visit to repeat the test (if the blood glucose was higher than normal).
    • Every three months, report the patients’ results.

What are the best ways to implement this scenario with the fewest steps possible?
It should be noted that the erpnext will be hosted in the frappe cloud.

Thank you

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You should be able to achieve it with healthcare module and laboratory setup. You can setup notifications via SMS channel to send out alerts.


Most of the scenarios are standard flows and you should be able to set it up as mentioned in the documentation of appointments, labs & notifications.

If you face any issues while setting it up, you can share more details on what help do you need.

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