Healthcare not billing lab test and Medication during creation of a sales invoice

Hi i was testing the Healthcare module through the following procedure,

  1. Patient checks in and register details to enroll him/her in the system
  2. Patient goes to vital signs section to be pre-tested for Blood pressure etc
  3. Patient goes to the Physician/Doctor for tratment/Consultation (There is a fee/charge for this).
  4. Patient needs to go to the lab for testing (There is a fee/charge for this).
  5. Labtests are complete and patient goes back to the Doctor for consultation/diagnosis.
  6. Pharmasist prescribes drugs as directed by the Doctors Diagnosis (There is a fee/charge for this).

Form this when submiting the consultation and creating a sales invoice we expect the sales invoice to have the following:

  1. Consultation fee: This is on the invoice so that is fine. (I attached a consultation fee for this doctor during Physician setup and that is why the charge is picking in the invoice automatically)

  2. Lab test Fees: This is not showing on the invoice yet i setup Lab test template and attached a fee to a template and had the “Is billable” option as ticked.

  3. Drugs/Medicines: For all the medicines prescribed, they are not reflecting on the invoice yet they are setup in stocks and their various selling prices are setup.

What could be the issue why Medicines and Labtest fees are not showing on the invoice during billing? Kindly assist. I will really appreciate.

From sales Invoice, you should be able to fetch all service which are not billed via the Get Items from > Healthcare Services. Similarly, any medicines ordered can be added to an Invoice using Get Items from > Prescriptions.

BTW, here’s the documentation.

For mine on the sales invoice i cannot see the Health service option under “Get items from”. Check the screenshot attached. I am using the following version:

ERPNext: v10.1.76 (master)

Frappe Framework: v10.1.68 (master)

This was an addition in v11, I guess in v10 you should find a “Create Invoice” button in lab Test document.

Sure i have seen it.Thanks alot.How do you also bill the medication that a patient has been prescribed?

Billing was not completely implemented in earlier versions, you should consider moving to v11.

Yeah sure. I better move to V11, but its still in Dev. There is no stable release for production i guess.

Oh no, version 11 is the master!

Thanks let me upgrade my instance