Healthcare Organization Needs ERPNext in India disparately

I believe ERPNext is immensely useful to manage the extreme load of demands of healthcare services and coordination is very important to service providers and Seekers. Importantly monitoring agencies at different hierarchy wants real-time updates about the availability of resources physical in terms of availability of healthcare units and consumable resources, most importantly oxygen.

I am keen to convince one district-level authority to use ERP and Document Steaming Services to the Centrlizsed District Level ERPNext to identified needs

And there are opportunities for all of us by extending services in the healthcare domain as they are the need of the time.

Feedback is appreciated, a new interesting development for Healthcare is in pipeline, and merging upcoming functionality like HSO ( Healthcare Service Orders ) and Insurance will ensure easy adoption and willingness of migration from their existing system


I agreed with your comment and idea. Even we already demonstrated to a few government associates, Based on their face they look interested but did not get any further feedback from them.

@akurungadam have done implementation for Healthcare domains in India & abroad. He will be able to help you on the same.

Good to know about this initiative. We at Frappe are also working with municipalities and healthcare organizations. For a record, insurance module has been built already, thanks to @akurungadam and @rucha_mahabal… It will be tested and merged soon. We encourage you to push it and call-out for support here. If OEM support is needed, we will be happy to engage as per the offerings available.


We are also designing a solution for a Hospital based on ERPNext Healthcare Module and recently invested time to install upcoming functionalities based on GitHub - ruchamahabal/erpnext at HSO-HC-Insurance . These upcoming functionalities will fill the gap whatever a hospital may need. My observation is that upcoming thing are necessary to convince any client to adopt.

We will test and share feedback. Thanks to the Frappe team and @rucha_mahabal and @akurungadam