Healthcare: Outpatient SMS Alert ERROR

I’ve already configured SMS settings with Twilio, and tested the feature thru SMS Center, everything seems ok. I received the text in my phone.

But whenever I try to enable the “Appointment confirmation” and “Appointment reminder” under Healthcare settings → Outpatient SMS Alert, and try to create a new appointment I receive this error message:

NameError: name ‘patient’ is not defined

If I uncheck these options, everything work fine.

I’ve already tried to avoid dynamic fields in the text body (Only text I tried to send is ‘Hello Wolrd’) and nothig.

This is a print of my configuration

Hello and welcome to the ERPNext forum. Could you please help us with the version on which are you facing this issue?

This is the version I obtained with bench version:

erpnext 12.7.1
frappe 12.5.1

This is a clean setup which I did using bench (python3 --production --user myuser):

No DocType or Form has been customized. I even setup a fresh instance in Amazon to check if there was an error in the setup, but I get the same error.

Thank you for reporting, please update your instance once the fix gets merged.

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Thank you so much. You are amazing!