Hello Elexess (We are Hiring)

My journey with ERPNext started in 2015 when I booked my first flight to India.

I had been looking for an open-source ERP system to replace our highly specialized Microsoft Dynamics Navision implementation at ESO Electronic. After a long weekend of locking myself in my room and trying out what different systems had to offer it was clear: the choice would be ERPNext and I would have to fly to Mumbai to get to know this crazy startup that had conceived such an amazing software product.

We went through a successful ERPNext implementation at ESO Electronic / Newmatik in 2018. Now, most things are automated and streamlined (even our pick and place robots are connected right into the ERP). By using and taking advantage of ERPNext we completely changed the company. We did so with a team of 4-6 software developers and we invested massively into our system. Some of what we have done was given back to the community through open-source contributions to the core product.

Since 2015 I have attended several conferences and evangelized for the product tirelessly. In early 2020 I finally decided that I should offer the knowledge I have gained to paying customers through consulting services. I did so under the name of Ottenbreit Consulting.

ERPNext as a product and Frappe as a company has matured and grown significantly since 2015 and so have we. As our own implementation at ESO/Newmatik matures we are making room for new challenges and we see rising demand for services and consulting in this growing community. This is why we have now decided to spin-out the software development team from ESO/Newmatik and combine it with my personal consulting services into a new company called Elexess.

Elexess as a brand name is meant to be a combination of Electronic and Access. One place where all of your information lives. We don’t just think of ERPNext as an ERP but call it an information warehouse. With Elexess, we want to help more companies make that transition.

As Elexess we are an official Frappe partner. We offer pre-sales consulting, implementation, services, and local support for our customers. We do so only for paying Frappe customers and in close cooperation with Frappe.

Elexess right now consists of 5 people but we are currently hiring web developers and consultants. Check out our current job listings. If you are interested in working with us send me an email to dominik@elexess.com

You should also check out our new website www.elexess.com that went live today. It is running on vanilla ERPNext with just very light CSS customizations.

Thank you to the ERPNext community for the continuous support over the past years. Thank you to the Frappe team and thank you to Rushabh who has lead his company and this community with a clear vision and with dedication and patience. We will try to be good citizens of this community and we will contribute to the best of our ability to the further development and growth of ERPNext.

Dominik and the Elexess Team


This is a good opportunity for frappe and erpnext devs.
Good to see a success story.

Keep up the good work.

An inspiring story! Good luck Elexess!!