Hello everybody; how to create custom Quick entry js file as customer quick entry one

what is the steps should i do,thanks.

Can you please be more specific and elaborate on the requirement?

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want to create a quick entry like this one for patient

Is this for custom doctype?
In the doctype creation page you can find the checkbox for Quick Entry.

And don’t forget to also select Allow in Quick Entry for each field you want to appear on the Quick Entry.

For standard doctypes, you can do it in Customize Form.

thanks for your response
but how could i create js file as customer_quick_entry.js
and where add it .

Why do you want to create the js file for?
The checkboxes are all you need to do to make the quick entry popup.

to make customize in layout and make multi columns break or sections break

ERPNext quick entry forms are added to it’s JS bundle; example: feat: (consistency) Add Primary Address and Contact section in Supplier by marination · Pull Request #27197 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub