Hello world ERPNext

I’m browsing the docker images for frappe on docker hub:


but it’s unclear which would corrospond to a production instance. This would be instead of running the easy install, but rather just downloading an image.

Alternately, I see:

which is conveniently forkable.

it would be reasonable to fork the repo, configure, and then create an image from that configuration? This is a standard approach?

Image building is needed only if you build your own custom apps.

Just to install frappe/ERPNext, it’s not required to fork. Use ready images.

There are broadly 2 setups,

production setup of multiple containers.

Development setup to bootstrap developement using vscode devcontainers.

Check the readme. I use these images on my production kubernetes cluster. Docker setup needs some docker experience.

just to clarify and elaborate, what’s meant by “production setup
of multiple containers” and what’s meant by “install”

this means run frappe/ERPNext from docker hub?