Help and Guidance needed to setup Marketplace Accounting

Hello all ERPNext founders, developers and users.
We are a private limited company and launching a start up marketplace website and want to manage all our accounting needs with ERPNEXT.

In our case sellers are our customers.

In our marketplace website we have two sources of income.

  1. Membership Subscription (recurring)
  2. Commission percentage + fixed fees per order.

We can use Subscription product from ERPNEXT to manage Membership Subscription. That’s fine.

How to entry the seller’s commission invoices generated from our site in ERPNext?

Please remember we also need to manage the followings:

  1. GST at 18% on total commission per order
  2. Deduct TCS at 1% per order
  3. Deduct TDS at 1% per order
  4. Payment Gateway fees at 2% per order
  5. Send sellers a weekly total commission invoices which shows all above details when we disburse their payments

We have searched a lot but not found any other accounting SAAS or software which can provide ready made solutions for our needs. We hope as an open source application ERPNEXT can fulfill our needs.

We urge all of the members to kindly help us to setting up ERPNEXT accounting module according to our needs.

Please help.
Thank you.
Sukanta Rakshit

In Sales Invoice you can find the section for Commissions and Sales Team.
When you make a Subscription doc, the invoice will be automatically (or manually) attached to it and it will calculate the commisions etc as per the invoice.

Hi rahy,
Thank you for reminding. I have seen that. Currently we don’t want to deduct commission amount from subscription and give it to our sales team.

In a product marketplace sellers sells their product to consumers and marketplace owner takes commission per order. I need help to set that part.

Create Sales Invoice after the order.
The commision is in Sales Invoice (not Subscription) so it will work for the marketplace order too.

Thanks Ok. I will try that.