Help! Double Delivery Notes Created upon Save

Dear All,

Please help.

When I click on SAVE after creating delivery note, the system would create 2 delivery notes with 2 different numbers such as DN-00079 and DN-00080. When I click on submit, the DN-00080 would get submitted. However, actually another number DN-00079 was created by the system glitch and this number is not submitted. So on the delivery note page, I would have:

DN-00080 - Submitted
DN-00079 - Draft

I’m currently on MASTER branch running 7.1.16. I noticed this problem when i was still at 7.1.1, but then I updated to the latest version to see if the problem disappear. It seems like the problem is still around. So the problem doesn’t seem to stem from the coding, but rather double entry is sent upon clicking the save button.

Please help.

@jetplane99 did you do any customizations?

no, no customizations. I did add some custom fields though through the Customize form. I did not modify the codes in anyway.

and by the way, the problem is happening intermittently. So it doesn’t happen all the time, but more like 1 in 2 transactions.


I was not able to replicate the problem on my development environment. Do you have any particular workflow or data that could be used to reproduce the issue? It will help the team to identify the point of failure and fix it.

You can try replicating the issue on and send the details of the delivery notes and then Frappé team can proceed with investigation

Actually, the problem could be due to time issue. As I keep getting this dialog box popping out everywhere whenever i try to save a document.

Error: Document has been modified after you have opened it (2016-11-23 13:57:17.584351, 2016-11-23 13:57:19.097071). Please refresh to get the latest document.

hi, do you think you can help me out with the problem on our server as a contractor?

Have you resolve this issue ?

Has anyone resolved this issue ? It happens for any document in ERPNext on save intermittently (SINV, DN, etc.). I noticed it happening when the internet is slow/unstable.

My hypothesis isthe save request from the client side ( is sent twice by the browser when internet is slow, But I am not capable of validating that.

Is there anybody able to verify my hypothesis and is there anybody that has solved this issue?