[Help] Frappe cloud - Custom App - Changes not updating


I have a custom app, which is installed on frappe cloud, now I have made few changes on the app.

Whats the right way to update existing custom application as updated code is already pushed on github (private app).

I have tried removing and installing that app again, clearing caches, bench restart.

Nothing worked.

You need to first deploy a new version of the private bench then you’ll see the update on your site.

@nagariahussain perhaps we should suggest this on site page if site is on a bench that can be updated by user

docs: Not Found

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Can’t we just update the bench?

Also how to deploy new version of private bench?

Hi! Whenever you push something new to your GitHub repo, the update banner should be visible on your bench dashboard. Just click on show updates, select the apps you want to update and click on the deploy button.

It’s not showing update button.

Please raise a support ticket on our (Frappe Cloud) support portal and we will take it from there.

Already done. But no one responded.

I have noticed that latest code is available on latest deployed bench version, however sites are not on that version.

How can I move the site to latest bench version?

When I installed the same app on another site with in the same bench, its working fine.
But when I installed the same app on same site where it was installed previously its not pulling latest code.