[Help] Frappe Cloud Private Bench Site

Good day!

I have some questions regarding the Private Bench in Frappe Cloud.

How do I add some sites in the Private Bench? I tried reading the documentation provided but I can’t find anything.
It said here that I have 0 sites. How do I add one?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Directly on your dashboard.
Hope this helps you.

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OMG thank you so much didn’t notice that hahahahaha. Thank you :slight_smile: @avc

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How can we transfer exising site to different bench or different version ?

On Frappe Cloud environment?

Yes. On frappe cloud, can we move existing site to different bench or different version.

As some how, I have 4 bench versions, out of which 3 are outdated and my app is stuck on same version. need to move it first version.

Or is there a way to remove bench version ?

Open a ticket in Frappe Cloud, support team works efficently!

Thank you. Already did that, waiting for reply.