Help getting code ready for a pull request

I have forked the frappe repository to add support for email servers that do TLS instead of StartTLS. The TLS section of the code works great, but I need some help with the finer details of the frappe framework. I am looking for someone who has contributed code before, and would be willing to guide me through getting this branch ready to merge.

I have created a new field on Email Account and Email Domain, however, I am having trouble getting the default to work. I would like the field smtp_start_tls to default to true so that it doesn’t break any existing configurations.

I am also not clear on the process of adding a field to existing databases. Do I need to write a database migration of some kind, or is it just enough to have the field definition?

The code is available on git hub. The relevant branch is starttls-settings.

@daniel1 thanks for your interest in contributing!

Just go through the Contribution Guidelines · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub

and start with the PR!

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Thanks for the reply. I think there are a few issues with my code (as mentioned above). Is a pull request the best way to get advice on fixing them, or is it better to continue the discussion here?

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PR is best! Be prepared for a couple of iterations :+1:

I created a PR, but it got closed, and I still don’t have any answers to my questions. How do I move forward?

I replied, please check the PR and do re-open it after your questions are solved.

Hi @daniel1, we’ve provided the necessary feedback!

Thanks for the feedback – It’s helpful. I will circle back to my code in a couple days and update my PR.