Help in deploying ERPNEXT(serverless) COST EFFICENT WAY?


I deployed ERPNEXT on an EC2 server about a month ago, initially opting for the free tier with a t3.micro instance. Unfortunately, it got stuck during the build process, prompting me to switch to a larger instance, a t2.medium.

After a week or so, we were startled by the bill and started considering alternatives like Zoho Books due to the unexpected costs. As a temporary solution, we began turning off the instance when not in use, only turning it on when creating invoices. However, this has become quite cumbersome.

We realized we need to reduce costs somehow. The last option we have is going serverless. However, I don’t have any documentation that could guide me through the setup. I’m simply a novice and would like to learn something through this process.

If anyone has used any blogs, kindly share them here. It would be super helpful.

Also, considering that we don’t use the software much except for creating invoices, how much would it cost us in serverless deployment?

There are much cheaper VPS providers out there which offer good configuration such as a 4 core 8GB RAM VPS for as low as $6 per month and this will run your instance comfortably without giving you sleepless nights or financial headache. The cheapest i have found so far is webtropia (i’m not an agent) and i use this to run 3 full sites comfortably. You can also try Contabo which can give you same configuration for as low as $10 per month (although they charge a one-time setup fee). There’s also DigitalOcean which will give you a good VPS for as low as $20 per month, Linode, Hetzner, Hostinger, etc You can explore any of these cheaper options instead of AWS.