Help in sales invoice import with multi items for same sales invoice

Hello Community,
i have a sales invoice excel sheet with thousands of records extracted monthly from another software , need to import it to erpnext , i have tried to use sales invoice import tool but the problem i faced is the format for the multiple items in same sales invoice . below sample :


am using v 13
any suggestions would be appreciated .

If multiple items belong in the same invoice, then only the details falling under a table (items, taxes) will be going on multiple lines.

Rest of the data like customer, address, invoice ID, etc. stay on one line:

I’ll suggest that you enter one invoice manually with some items and export that. The export will have the necessary format you can refer to.

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Thnx Kenneth for your suggestion ,
i am aware about the defaults of the import templates , and how it works .
but is there any suggestion on how to import my template or converting it to be imported as it is ?

Importing it as it is would not be possible.
You will have to take help of some scripting to bring the data in required format