Help in Todo Doctype, issue with user permission allocated user not able to open assigned doc

So the issue i am facing is user has created a Todo and assigned it to Person above him in the which is build through Sales Person hierarchy, Todo Doctype don’t have Sales person field but Please check below Error, Allocated task as the user email but when user tried to open it user get the insufficient permission error, Please check below image for same.
Please help me how can i allow user to edit and save it.


Please check and set it. also check, use have a right of the todo or not.

I also tried this, But once i run bench Migrate, todo list gets stuck in loading

Yes, Its checked, Please check below image
And User have write to create the doc, both are sharing the same role

@NCP Can you please help how can I solve this ?

I think you need to override the permissions for the ToDo from the server side for the role permissions.

Any example or link to refer ?

You have provided the reference in the above post so check it in core code.