Help in User permission

Is there any way to give the user a permission to insert the document only and not to edit or delete any field of it??

You can use Role Permission Manager.

Suppose the user has role “Support Team” (or create a custom role for that user),
you create permission as follows.

Now the user with the role “Support Team” can only create Issues and will not be able to edit them.
(replace Issue with your required Document Type)

Note: Make sure that the user does not have the role that has complete (write, delete, etc.) access on doctype.

@surajshetty As per your solution, it is possible to restrict the user to only read the document.
But as per @Mariam_A_Ahmed, he wants a user to insert the document and later user cannot edit or delete any field. But when we give permission of only read and create then it is not possible for a user to make a new record, because the user doesn’t have write access. So I think @Mariam_A_Ahmed you need to go with only if creator permission checks the image below.

But again here user can edit/view document only which he created.
If again you want to restrict the same by considering your scenario then you need to go with some script level customization.