Help me in salesman cars

In my company there are four sales man and each man sales his own car
A loading notice is made for the salesman from the main warehouse
Goes to the market and is doing sales invoices
At the end of the day, what remains in the car is delivered to the main warehouse
An audit is conducted if there is a difference between the sales invoices and what was received and what was returned to the main warehouse
If the difference is positive, either sales invoices are not written or deficit and are accounted for in the missing items
If the difference is zero, his work will be fair
Knowing that each man sales commission on the collection of cash
How do I do this in ERPNext

try this approach, set up each sales man cars as different warehouse for stocking details, The loading notice would be a stock transfer at the start of the day, later enter al sales order per salesman each sales order will deduct inventory in the corresponding car - warehouse. When receiving any item back from the sales man to your warehouse create a new corresponding stock transfer. You can check inventory by running a stock report to find if the value on car is 0 or if there is any difference.

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thank you very much for this approach and if anything face me i will ask you my friend
now i need to know how to make commission on the collection of cash every salesman Separately?

When creating sales order for each salesman after day end, at almost the bottom of the doctype there is a segment called commision where you can select from a SALES PARTNER doctype the corresponding salesman. First define the commision rate and target sales values if needed in the SP doctype, at the end run the Sales Partners Commission report for detail about the total rate and commision for each salesman