[Help needed] Best Practices for managing Item Variations in ERPNext

Hello community,

I’m looking for advice on industry-standard or best practices for efficiently managing item variations within ERPNext, specifically in the apparel/clothing manufacturing sector.

For example, say I manufacture and sell Sweaters, the core item attributes are as shown below:

  • Color: 10 variations
  • Size: 10 variations
  • Fit: 3 variations
  • Fabric Blend: 5 variations
  • Gender: 5 variations

If I go by creating all possible variations for Sweaters, then I get 7,500 Item variations. That seems a lot to me considering this is for only one product type. If you then factor in all possible product types, sub-assemblies and raw materials, the number of item variations can get quite big.

Now, the issue is not really creating the variations, but managing manufacturing/procurement capabilities such as BOM, Production plans, POs, SOs, with such large amount of variations.

So, what recommendations do you have to manage large amounts of variations without affecting productivity and user experience?