Help Needed with First PR and Automated Merge Failure

Hi everyone,

I’m working on my first PR for the Frappe project, but the automated merge has failed. Here is the link to my PR: Fixed - Fetch From, Need to Select Twice to Set Doctype by gopikrishnan13 · Pull Request #26834 · frappe/frappe · GitHub. I made only very small changes, so I’m unsure what went wrong.

Can someone guide me on how to:

  1. Properly test my changes before submitting a PR.
  2. Ensure my PR meets all the necessary criteria for a successful merge.
  3. Understand what steps to take if the automated merge fails.
  4. Know what happens if the automated PR process fails and what the next steps are.

Any advice or resources would be greatly appreciated!

I know about precommit only, rest will know after line update.

@NCP So, I need to close the current PR, rewrite it like this , and then create a new PR, right?

You can update it using the same PR!

Is there any extension or way to check this precommit?