Help on Adding Non-profit Member without having to add user profile

Hello all,
In case this is something that has already been discussed, and kindly direct me to respective solution. I already tried to search and didn’t get it

To the matter at hand, the current situation is when I want to add a Non Profit member, User Email is set as required, which leads to creation of user account. So to complete new member creation I must also create user account for them.

I tried to customize volunteer form and disable the mandatory option in the email field, but still it requires user email during creating of a member.

I want to use member module for the purpose of record keeping only, that is why I want to disable user account creation

Is there a way I can achieve this?

I’m running ERPNext V10 and v11
Thanks in advance

Apparently there is no way to achieve this.

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Hi, as I understand it, members are contacts in the system, but categorized as members.

I am seeing an export for members, membership, etc, but no import of members in the system.

How can I bulk upload members, donors and volunteers?