Help on calling whitelisted Python method

I have the below on backed

def stk_push(self, business_shortcode=None, amount=None, phone_number=None,
            doc_type=None, doc_name=None, reference_code=None, description=None):

and then call it it this way on the client side

frappe.confirm(__('Do you want to send Mpesa Payment Request for Mobile No.:' + ' ' + frm.doc.mobile_no + '?'),
            function () {
                    method: 'frappe.integrations.doctype.mpesa_settings.mpesa_settings.stk_push',
                    args: {
                        business_shortcode: frm.doc.business_shortcode,
                        amount: frm.doc.paid_amount,
                        phone_number: frm.doc.mobile_no,
                        doc_type: frm.doc.doctype,
                        description: frm.doc.party_name

But getting: POST runserverobj 500 (INTERNAL SERVER ERROR)

What am I missing?

Check the web logs in the ~frappe-bench/logs folder

I did. Twas resolved. Thank you.