Help on how to upload Item templates and Variants

I have spent the last 48 hours working on how to upload Item templates and their variants. I have not been able to do this successfully.

The Templates and the variants upload quite well, but nothing shows under the variant attribute table. What I have is shown below

For the Template

You can see that the Attribute table is not visible

The variant section is not visible at all for the Item variant. This is despite the fact that the system acknowledges that this is a valid variant of the template as shown below

When I create the template and variant from the GUI everything works fine, the challenge is using the Import Data utility.

See below a sample of my import excel sheet

What could I be doing wrong? I am currently on Version 11. I have created the necessary Item Attributes and the values before hand

Will really appreciate any help.


Any error/trace logs?

On import, I found my most common source of error was a malformed import file that did not comply to field specs (eg. missing reqd field, or incorrect field format). Not to say that this is happening in your case - just something to look at :smile:

I am sure it is one of what you said, but I cannot figure it out. And their is no error log for it.

I am stumped at this stage

In the case of imports, it’s mostly trial and error. The other possible problem is the format of your file. In some cases, I found the Excel formatted files didn’t work, but LibreOffice files did work. There are no noticeable differences in the file, but it sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t.
Might be worth trying it though

Am not even getting an error, the import is succesful, but the variants and templates do not behave as they should as stated above.

I still need help

@Pawan do you have an insight ? I assume in am doing something wrong.

I have seen what my challenge is

The template needs to have the field ¨Variant based on¨ filled with ¨Item Attribute¨

But if i do this the upload utility then throws me an error saying

¨Attribute table is mandatory¨

I have tried all I can, but am unable to get past this.

Any help will be appreciated.


send me the file anda good description of the variant. i am test it in my server. best

Thank you @Not_a_countant

Find below a link to an upload sheet with just one template and one variant

The template is supposed to have an attribute called color

The variant is supposed to have an attribute value called Black

Let me know what your experience with this is


@Not_a_countant any insight??