Help on jinja tags

hello All,
Please i need assistance in the use o Jinja tags. I am not a programmer, but i use examples on jinja tags as guide on doctype when i want to get an info dynamically.

Now, i want to develop a template for sales template terms and conditions for quotation.
The terms and conditions template for the quotation would require customer name, address, contact person,item name, quantity, cost of item and i want these (aforementioned items) on the Sales Terms and Conditions to be generated automatically for any client that i want to send a quotation to.
My challenge here is that the “Item Table” on the quotation doctype is linked from either “Opportunity doctype” or “Quotation item doctype”. How do i use jinja tags to get these items from another another doctype?

Thanks, Abraham


I’m afraid I can’t help specifcally, but its worth pointing out that your query (or something very similar) has been asked quite a number of times of this forum already. there’s quite a few good examples of jinja code that people have used succesfully. its worth searching for this and it may give you some pointers

ie Jinja templating Variables and Codes

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