Help Required - Using Salary Slip/Structure

  1. How do we round off deductions in Salary Slip using Salary Structure?

    This question was raised here Tax deduction rounding up. However couldn’t achieve “rounding” using int(value) in the formula field.

  2. How can we automate accounting for Deductions like PF, ESI, etc. ie. automatic entries of relevant account in journal entry while creating and/or processing payroll. Searched but didn’t find anything helpful

  3. How do we process a Single Salary slip, without going into Process Payroll

Pls Help.

Editted: As I had more queries regarding HR

Still looking for answers …

Not available out of the box, you will have to dig into the code.

You can mention account head in Salary Component record. The while processing Salary Slip via Process Payroll, the system will post accounting entries to the correct account heads mentioned in the Salary Component master.

Currently, you need to make Journal Entry manually.