HELP! Since Upgrade can no longer attach images to Text Editor fields

Hi all,

Since Friday’s update to ERPNext v7.1.10 (Frappe v7.1.11) we can no longer use our Text Editor fields in SO and SOI to “attach” our artwork proof files. Previously we used these fields to drag and drop <1MB jpg/png format image files as the “proof” of the final print. Our production staff require this to be able to correctly match their print against the artwork sample.

Can anyone assist, we need this fixed ASAP to ensure we don’t make errors in production. I will log a job to support but they may not see it until later this afternoon.

Is there any way to use the File Attach method in the meantime? By that I mean attach a file to the SO itself and then point my print format to that image.


Then use my print format to reference the attachment and print it on the sheet?

Not very clear where is this Text Editor field you are talking about. Can you share full screen screenshot?

Hi @KanchanChauhan it is in 2 places. We have an instance in Sales order:

And one instance in Sales Order Item:

Field setup for both forms is:

Sales order

Sales Order Item

Ok so what error do you get? I tested by adding Text Editor field to random Doctype, it worked fine for me.

Did you save? On save our image disappears and only remaining html in the field (if you switch to markdown) is . The image is not being saved.

Before save:

After Save:

Change to markdown

Still there. Even in markdown, there is img src.

Then what is different to my system? :slight_smile:

@monojoker I can replicate this issue in the Item master. We will keep you updated on it’s fix via Issue.

Thanks @Umair, thanks @KanchanChauhan I hope the fix can be found soon :slight_smile: Cheers.