Help to connect/link new DocTypes to Asset

Hello, I’ve made a new DocType linked to Projects, called Project Information. This doctype is currently a playground for adding internal information about the project necessary for our operations.

We do use certain assets on projects and these assets are already listed in a child table on the Project Information DocType. So far so good.

I get the request now to have a link from the Asset page to the Project Information pages. So the idea is when we go to a particular asset we can get a list of which (active) projects this asset is listed on the Project Page.

I think I’ve figured out how DocTypes are linked/connected as I got the Custom Made Project Information page working as expected, but I don’t manage to get a list/link from the Asset DocType to this Project Information.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I managed to get a connection on the Asset DocType:

As you can see there is a new field called Project Information under Projects, But the link is dead… I don’t need the Add [+] button, but I presume that once this would work it will be there…

Did you solve this?

Unfortunately not… I was looking for some help on this forum, but it seems that as a new user my questions are to general, to off-topic or just to difficult… it is probably me trying to do stuff that is impossible with ERPNext. It is quiet frustrating as it seems that one need a vast programming experience in combination with a lot of time to get something fixed, and for the moment I have none of them, rendering the use of ERPNext crippled at our organisation… (sorry for the rant)