Help to understand GET BOM MATERIAL DETAIL

Hi Everyone,

I appreciate if anyone can help me to understand this code.
Actually, I want to add one more table to BOM Doctype by which
user can see the BOM Detail with its parent and child

def get_bom_material_detail(self, args=None):
		""" Get raw material details like uom, desc and rate"""
		if not args:
			args = frappe.form_dict.get('args')

		if isinstance(args, basestring):
			import json
			args = json.loads(args)

		item = self.get_item_det(args['item_code'])

		args['bom_no'] = args['bom_no'] or item and cstr(item[0]['default_bom']) or ''

		rate = self.get_rm_rate(args)
		ret_item = {
			 'item_name'	: item and args['item_name'] or '',
			 'description'  : item and args['description'] or '',
			 'image'		: item and args['image'] or '',
			 'stock_uom'	: item and args['stock_uom'] or '',
			 'bom_no'		: args['bom_no'],
			 'rate'			: rate
		return ret_item

If I get some idea then I will change this code to get the parent BOM Detail instead of child part details.

Ruchin Sharma