Help! Total of grand_total of PO's under a Project

How do you achieve viewing The absolute total, of the grand total, of multiple PO’s that are associated to a project?

Specifically, I want total cost of items that are on a purchase order, but may not have an invoice yet.
Ideally this could be filtered by project.
I have looked around with no luck on the topic.

You can write a custom script for it

As a fairly new user to ERPNext and coding scripts, what is the best source for a guide through this process? I have looked through some API documentation but couldn’t wrap my head around where to start. I appreciate the help!

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated guidline. As a starting point, you could take the cheatsheet (Developer Cheatsheet · frappe/frappe Wiki · GitHub)

My proposition:

  1. Think step by step how to proceed in your script
  2. Go to github and look for similar functions in the existing source code
  3. Test which trigger is ideal for triggering your scripts
  4. Do not give up!

Should you dont come further at certain points, you can always ask again. I like to support you.

When you create items in a PO, you can click a tiny arrow at the right side and look at the details of the items. There you can specify the project it is associated to.

And then you can download a report called “Project Wise Stock Taking”. It is a bit hidden. So a PO can order many items from the same supplier linked to different projects. So there is no 1:1 for PO to Project. But 1:1 for Item to Projects in a PO.

Hope this helps.

If you have linked project at item level then you can type “Purchase Order Report” in awsome bar and add project filter. You can also pick columns to show all the necessary details and save this reprot for future use. This report will be saved under custom reports in buying module

Great answers, thanks all.
I will use the Item to Project link while I get started with a more suited method for us through scripts!


Bumping into your topic. You may refer link below. Its work for me.