Help us prioritize issues

Hello community,

Please go through the list of issues here

And add a :+1: on issues you think are priority. This will help us prioritise issues for development!




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it’s a very good way to prioritize the list.

but in github we have three types of points.

  1. Bugs in existing functionality
  2. New feature Request
  3. few new users are asking how to do things.

in the above categories, Bugs should be addressed with high priority, as it builds the trust of users on Application.

in new feature request, we can use community input to prioritize the list.

and the third point, we can redirect those users to forum and can close those issues quickly.

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Good solution. But there are many non-issue open threads that bloating the number. Such as this. They need to be closed. Only real issue affecting multiple users across wide population should be considered as real issue.

ERPNext repo has 1k+ issue which is hard to screen through entire list. But if someone opened an issue, so they are willing to prioritize their issue. Like Muzzy said, there’re many non-issue open threads, so It would be great if there is a shortlisted issues to prioritize.

We can use everyone’s help to close them too! We did such an exercise a few months ago. Anyone willing to lead this effort?

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I’d like to try and help

If I see a query rather than an issue on Github for ERPNext or Frappe repos I normally ask the poster to post their query to the discuss forum first instead as you suggest. Some Github Issues have been closed by the originators when they realise that’s how we prefer to do things with ERPNext :wink:

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i will give it a try also