Help with BOM and Work Order - Quantitys are messed up!

Hi all!!

Need some help!

I’m trying to use the Manufacturing Module, and getting some issues in the transition of quantitys between BOMs and Work Orders.

So, I’ve made a BOM, with some quantitys, with specific UOMs…

Some of this items have Convertion Factors, to allow fractioning from purchase UOM (so, in this example below, 1 Unit have 1 Kilo):

When I’m trying to make a Work Order, the quantitys are changed:

But, the quantity has changed in the BOM Item, as:


In my point of view, the work order is getting Qty from Stock Qty, but Stock Qty are not converted to the correct unit…

Is that a bug?


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At the item level you need to define conversion factor of UOM. Since the UOM for Inflow and Outflow is different, you need to define that.

Also while making BOM and Prod Order or whatever docs, you need to select correct UOM as defined at the item level to correctly reflect stock movement and reletated cost calculation.

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Hi FinForce, thanks for your answer!!

I’ve created all my items with UOM as Unit, and the weight per use is used to define the weight UOM. And, on the Units of Measure, I’ve had created all the alternative UOMs and the convertions…

In the BOM:

In the ITEM:


In the Work Order:


So… I think I did what you suggested me… And still a little bit lost here…

I’ve created other topic, with a little more detailed infos…

Thanks for all your help!