Help with creation of Tender management system


I am trying to create a simple Tender management system (like that will have the following capabilities;

  1. Vendors will be able to apply for registration, which when approved by the Purchase Manager, will be onboarded as a new User with a vendor role within the system.
  2. The Purchasemanager will be able to create Tenders with items, description, quantity and UOM for each tender with other necessary details like status, type and deadline.
  3. The vendors that are onboarded on 1, will be able to bid for the tender. All tenders should be displayed as a filterable table on the homepage. When the vendor clicks on the tender, he/she should be directed to the page where Tendor can be filled and submitted.

I am new to frappe and I am trying to learn to build this. Any online resources or guidance is highly appreciated.

Thank you


This can be accomplished with some customization. If you are new to frappe, better option is start with this free course on frappe school: Frappe Framework Course


Divyesh Mangroliya

Interestingly, the site you referred to ( was actually built with Frappe :wink:

haha yea, I noticed that in it’s source code. Actually I have created the ‘Tender’ doctype with necessary details such as the ‘BOM’ child table. I want the vendor to be able to fill up the BOM table with his/her quotes and submit it to the Purchase Manager for review/reject/award. I am trying to undertand if I need to create an Application Doctype or if I can make do with the Tender Doctype. :thinking:


If you override the existing Request for Quote doctype in erpnext will cover many of other requirements and comparison of multiple quote and creation of Purchase order from RFQ etc will be handled in standard code.


Divyesh M.

Hi @mangroliya , Yes I was considering ERPNext. However, I think it is too complex for a simple project that I am trying to set up.