Help with easy install issues starting to appear

Tried to run easy install this weekend and found many issues. Most of them I found are more about the dependencies then the bench install but just wanted to know what are the work arounds at this time.

Tested on Debian 32bit - complete fail due to chromedriver ending support for 32bit. Work around…Bad one at least. Install previous version of chromedriver before easy install. The bad part… bench will upgrade it and kill your install again. Setup will not run on web admin login. Also bench update does the old git stash issue I’ve seen before which isn’t working.

Tested on Debian 64bit - will finish install but will not run setup on website login as admin. Also bench update git stash issue I’ve seen before which isn’t working.

32bit is not an issue. Blocking install on 32bit should be added due to dependency changes.

The other issues… I’m sure someone has a work around already. Can anyone share them?

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Do you know who to get over this one? I am sitting in this trap too currently

I did get everything to work correctly in the end. The need to install git and nodejs 8.x before running easy-install helped with my issues. I know that the chromedriver issue can most likely be resolved using pinning of last supported version on 32 bit systems. I’m not sure were this should be placed in easy-install and/or bench. I think npm package-lock.json maybe? I’m sure the fine people at ERPnext know. The main bench install page needs some updating. For new users Debian 9 and Ubuntu 16.04 are supported by the easy-install script.

I used the following guide to get me going in the right direction.

I hope this helps other who are having issues getting setup.

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