Help with invoice for non taxable items

Hi I’m new with ERPNext, and need help to make a sales invoice with taxable and non taxable items, both in the same items table, for example, you buy 3 items with a standar tax and one with no tax apply, all of then in the same item table with the total amount of the invoice.

These are the ERPNext and Frappe versions:
ERPNext: v7.0.18
Frappe Framework: v7.0.15

Thanks in advance.

Add 2 or more tax:

Tax 0 value 0%
Standard Tax value 20% (or whatever u need)

Edit each item and assign tax 0 or standard depending on your needs …

I do that but in the sales invoice all the items still have the standard tax, can you tell me how i must configure the taxes in the sale invoice?

Hi @Antonio_Gonzalez . Put Tax Item setup under and item in the Item Window. Check this out for further details. Thanks!