Help with Migration from ErpNext V13 to 15

Currently hosting our production site on Digital Ocean Ubuntu 18.04 droplet. We are running ERPNext 13.13.1. As LTS is ending for Ubuntu 18.04 we have created a new Ubuntu 22.04 server and have installed ERPNext 15 on it. My plan was to migrate our data away from the old server and start fresh with ERPNext 15!
After struggling for several days to find a tutorials or topics on this site on the process I am putting out a call for help. Ultimately, I need to migrate my data from one server over to another and I am sure there will be some issues with database migration that seems a bit outside of skillset. Would ultimately like to know how to do this as it would be a valuable skill to have but I am also several hours into this process and don’t want to waste 5 more hours only to fail. I would be happy to pay for someone’s time or I offer something in trade.
If there is any clear documentation on how to accomplish this, I would greatly appreciate anyone pointing me in the right direction. Thank you community!

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