Help With Product Groups and Website

Hey. This is probably a question that is easy to solve and I am just over looking the solution. Anyways, I’ll get into it.

I am trying to achieve a product page that shows my item groups.
Meaning, on the home page of the website it shows the featured products, and under that is the “See All Products” button. This currently is working, and the site comes pre packaged this way (great!) So I went ahead, changed the all products page to be Though this is where my problem starts.

Instead of showing item groups here, it’s showing ALL my products regardless of group.

Is there a way to make it so on this all products page it shows the item group, then I must click the group to look at the items that have been categorized under that group?

For instance → (main all products page)

Has these categories:

When I click one, it’ll redirect me to the item group page, such as

And in this page, will list all my items under the food item group category.

You can make a product categories landing web page with the above Item Groups in it and for each Item Group hyperlink respectively.

Alright, so custom pages is the way to do this. I’ll have to spend a few days and look into how I’d achieve this. Thanks