Help with production Schedule / Report customization

Hello everyone

I was wondering if it was possible to create a report using
the builder or make a custom report that is similar to a rather ancient crystal
reports file I am using.

The idea is when entering customer orders I want to be able
to print out a production report to give to the suppliers to get the items all
in 1 A4 sheet (1 for each supplier) (selection filter if possible)

Orders that are being delivered the next day pretty much.

How it works is

1: customer places order

2: it is entered into the system

3: more customers place order for products of same supplier

4: enter into the system

5: send a 3 times a day production report to the supplier
detailing what to make so far

6: more customer’s order and quantity increases or new items

7: send another 3 times a day report with the increased

Well you get the idea.

Basically 3 times a day a production report gets sent to the
supplier to make the products for next day pickup to be delivered to the

Currently the crystal reports file I’m using is an very old
thing but still works no problem using an old version 8.5 which was the last version
of crystal reports to support executable reports

Currently 3 columns are linked to item code, description and
quantity in the report

It pulls the info out of the old pervasive sql database and populates
the report when generated.

It generates the report based on the orders created for the
current day and the next

I have attached the crystal reports file and a picture of
the generated file to look at.

You can probably download the new sap crystal reports viewer
to see how it works maybe.

I hope that was enough info, can’t recall everything =)

crystal reports file

and a picture of the generated report

You will have to custom-build this. Try posting at