Help with quotation workflow

This is my setup for Quotation task

This is how I prepare my setup of workflow

How do I solve this error?

Hi @Muhammad_Arif_Bin_Az

Keep doc status for Rejected state as 0 instead of 2.
What will be your next state if manger or user has rejected?

My plan is that if they reject it, they need to re-send with the adjustment

Sales User have permission for “Cancel” that Quatation?
if she/he can not “Submit”, she/he can not “Cancel” too.

Hi @Muhammad_Arif_Bin_Az

You need to add two more state Rejected by Sales User, Rejected by Sales Manager with docstatus as 0 in the states. In transition rules, add state as Rejected by Sales User, action as applied and next state as applied, do same for Rejected by Sales Manager. Please check and let me know if you find any problem

Hi @komsel2228

In ERPNext, you can not cancel the document unless it was in submitted state, rejection is not the state of cancellation there should be another process after rejection.

ok, thank you for the advice. I will update if there is any problem with the state change

Kindly help. I already perform my workflow as per below

Why instead the source is directly asking me for review instead option to save it? any error that I made for both states and transition rules? I just want the user to prepare, edit, and submit. Same goes to manager to approve and reject. If it reject, the document should be reverse back to user to re-edit or cancel the document