Help with script report writing

I have uploaded the above code for my script. but i am getting an error saying Key Error: ‘Label’

Any idea what I am doing wrong

I am uploading the down here also

import frappe

def execute(filters=None):
columns =[]
columns = [
{‘fieldname’: ‘Supplier’, ‘label’: (‘Supplier’), ‘fieldtype’: ‘link’, ‘options’: ‘Supplier’, ‘width’:‘200’},
{‘fieldname’: ‘Country’, ‘label’: (‘Location’), ‘fieldtype’: ‘link’, ‘options’: ‘Country’, ‘width’:‘200’}
d_data = frappe.get_all(doctype = “Supplier”, fields =[‘supplier_name’, ‘country’] )
data = []
for d in d_data:
row = frappe._dict({
‘Supplier’: d.supplier,

return data, columns