Help with Splitting/Duplicating Tickets in the Support Module

Hello, I am new to the ERPNext system and attempting to provide support and resolution to end users who are now using this system. Hopefully this is a good forum to ask these kind of questions. The end users are currently running into an issue where they cannot split or duplicate tickets and are getting the below error. I’m not sure where the error is pulling the email from. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Thank you.

Is administrator (the session User ID) being used on any field?
It might be auto populated in an email field that could throw this validation error.

Hi Void_Moon, thanks for the response. The administrator is populated in the ticket in the “Created By” and “Modified By” fields. I actually have now been able to resolve this by having the end users edit these fields before duplicating. This just leaves me with the similar issue I am running into when the end users are attempting to split tickets. When they attempt to split issue, it throws a similar error with the name of the client who responded on the email thread as seen below:

It seems to me like this is a similar issue, but the end user does not have the ability to edit this field when splitting the issue. Thank you again for the response.