Help writing bulk_update function using query builder

after i discovered the frappe.db.bulk_insert function (below) that helped me A LOT for improving performance inserting tens of thoundsound of recording faster than with the standard DB API. i am now willing to implement a frappe.db.bulk_update function that will bulk update records.

Below the bulk insert function

	def bulk_insert(self, doctype, fields, values, ignore_duplicates=False, *, chunk_size=10_000):
		Insert multiple records at a time

		:param doctype: Doctype name
		:param fields: list of fields
		:params values: list of list of values
		values = list(values)
		table = frappe.qb.DocType(doctype)

		for start_index in range(0, len(values), chunk_size):
			query = frappe.qb.into(table)
			if ignore_duplicates:
				# Pypika does not have same api for ignoring duplicates
				if self.db_type == "mariadb":
					query = query.ignore()
				elif self.db_type == "postgres":
					query = query.on_conflict().do_nothing()

			values_to_insert = values[start_index : start_index + chunk_size]

i would like the signature of the bulk update function to be def bulk_update(doctype, names, fields, values):
i am not an expert using the query builder and in SQL in general so if someone could help please.

General question:
How are you handle large insert and update in general within frappe apps ? using the doc API is farrrr too slow, the frappe.db API too.

Thanks !