Helpdesk Clean Install - Cannot Create Customers

Hi there, hope that someone may be able to assist.
Installed frappe bench on a clean Ubuntu 22.04 machine (VPS)

When I try to create a customer the screen goes blank and then goes back to the customer screen.

Below is the version of HelpDesk and the screenshots of what I see.

Version of HelpDesk

HD Version

Where I add the Customer information

HD Customer

It goes blank and then I am back at the Customer screen with no Customer.

I have tried to:

  1. Re-install
  2. Looked for any issues with the permissions and cannot see anything obvious.

Appreciate your time and feedback.


In my opinion, you can find more debug information in the developer tools by checking the network requests upon saving.
Because it is hard to tell without any debug info.

Thank you for the response.

My apologies for the delayed response. I will look into your suggestion.